A new and correct map of the world [ca.1774]

Tahiti, Venus, transit of Venus, florilegium, Mrs Morgan's Florilegium

“A new and correct map of the world laid down according to the most accurate observations and discoveries made by the Royal Societies of London and Paris. In several projections including the trade winds, monsoons, variations of the compass and illustrated with the systems of Ptolemy Copernicus Tycho Brahe together with the appearances of ye planets including a planisphere with many other useful and instructive explanations.”

One inscription scrawled in the waters off the tip of Tierra del Fuego reads:

“The Sea in these parts abounds with two sorts of animals of a Middle Species between a bird and a Fish haveing Necks like Swans and Swimming with thire whole Bodies always under water only putting up thire long Necks for Air.”

Via rmg.co.uk

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