Discovery Channel discovers mermaids


Discovery Channel’s website in the UK puts mermaids in the category of ‘conspiracies and myths’ but things are rather different over at its US Hispanic operation, which today unveiled plans for a new show later this year. From the press release…

“In the early 1990s, the United States Navy began a series of covert sonar tests that were linked to mass die-offs of whales washing up on beaches around the world. These beachings were well-publicized, but startling amateur video and photographic evidence – much of it never released until now – suggests that whales were not the only creatures affected by the Navy’s sonar. In 1997, scientists monitoring underwater microphones recorded a mysterious sound deep in the Pacific Ocean. What made that sound, dubbed ‘The Bloop,’ has remained one of the greatest mysteries of the oceans, until now… as Discovery en Español presents the CGI, two-hour special, Mermaids.”

Top image via, which says “the first sightings were made in Assyria around 1000BC. The popular image of a mermaid is sitting on a rock, admiring her beauty in a mirror.

“Some mermaids were benevolent creatures, granting wishes to sailors who helped them. But to many seafarers seeing a mermaid meant bad luck, an omen of a storm or shipwreck. There are also tales of the mermaids’ enchanting song enticing sailors onto rocks where their ships were smashed to pieces.”

UPDATE: See the latest on this story.

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