Conjoined twins given artifical legs by man who fitted new tails on injured dolphins

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Earlier this month, former conjoined twins Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf were each fitted with a prosthetic leg and last week medical experts said they could walk unaided as early as next year.

The boys’ legs were designed by Irish-born Kevin Carroll, a world-renowned prosthetist whose work is now highlighted in a Hollywood movie, Dolphin Tale, with Morgan Freeman portraying him.

The film was released this month and tells the real-life story of how a baby dolphin, which had been abandoned by its mother after its tail was severed, was fitted with an artificial tail by Carroll and taught to swim again.

Hassan and Hussein, who were born in Cork in Ireland in December 2009, were separated in April last year during a 14-hour operation at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital.


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  1. I wish the now separated twins well and their parents. I hope they are not traumatized if they ever hear the song “Reunited” by Peaches and Herb

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