‘Mermaid girl’ from Peru needs kidney transplant

Milagros Cerron, the little girl in Peru known as the “mermaid baby”, is in urgent need of a kidney transplant.

The picture above is of Peruvian doctor Luis Rubio playing with the then nine-month-old Milagros in a hospital in Lima, before the 2005 surgery that successfully separated her fused legs.

Now seven-years-old, Milagros is a survivor of sirenomelia, or ‘mermaid syndrome’ – a rare condition that is thought to affect around one in 70,000 pregnancies. Survivors are even rarer since sirenomelia is usually fatal: there are only three known cases of children with the condition alive in the world today.

Milagros means ‘miracles’ in Spanish. Her father is now appealing for help with her latest operation, which he hopes will take place in the US.

Report via msnbc.com

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