Discovery hasn’t discovered mermaids after all

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This time last year Discovery Communications announced a new show it was lining up for its Animal Planet channel called Mermaids: The Body Found.

“In the early 1990s, the United States Navy began a series of covert sonar tests that were linked to mass die-offs of whales washing up on beaches around the world. These beachings were well-publicized, but startling amateur video and photographic evidence – much of it never released until now – suggests that whales were not the only creatures affected by the Navy’s sonar,” the company said in a press release.

“In 1997,” it continued, “scientists monitoring underwater microphones recorded a mysterious sound deep in the Pacific Ocean. What made that sound, dubbed ‘The Bloop,’ has remained one of the greatest mysteries of the oceans, until now….”

Last week, at its latest annual programming event in New York, Discovery offered an update on the show, which is due to debut soon in the US as part of a “jam-packed, monster-fest week”.

The programme is described as “the crescendo of the epic week with a two-hour CGI investigation into the probability of mermaids swimming throughout our waters. It explores a scientific theory that supports the existence of mermaids, and the film imagines how they really appear, how they evolved and the role they play beneath the water’s surface.”

In other words, Discovery hasn’t discovered mermaids, rather it has spent several years and a considerable amount of money on special effects – a preview clip from which can be seen by clicking on the image above – putting together a film described variously as a drama-documentary or a mockumentary.

While there’s nothing wrong with this, at least one TV critic who saw a preview tape ahead of the show’s premiere in Australia last year, described it as a “new low in supposedly educational television”, arguing that the programme was guilty of “bad science” and “misrepresents evolution”.

“Discovery is happy to create the impression that such things [mermaids] could be real – or at least that it’s up to sceptics to prove that they aren’t,” he wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Anyway, depending on where you are in the world and on Animal Planet’s international scheduling, you should be able to watch Mermaids: The Body Found soon so that you can make up your own mind.


  1. This is so ridiculous. I always thought Discovery told true things instead of imaginary.

    • kit

      95% of the ocean still hasnt been discovered whos to tell what other mysterious it could hide and what mysterious the government or the people who get there first cover up.

  2. Lillian

    Everyone has their own theory and opinion. Don’t diss others’. It’s rude. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  3. My grandmother always told me about stories of mermaids. We still don’t know how the pyramids were made. The world, the planet, everything around us can be a mystery. We live by faith. I have confronted some things that I could never explained. So, I cannot say that Discovery is telling lies. Sometimes, life is ridiculous.

  4. Terra

    I watched Mermaids: The Body Found, they never said “Oh, this is how it happened.” So if anyone gets mislead, well, it’s their own stupid fault. You can tell they made the video’s under the water, they have the right to. Everything they had said made sense, in fact, doesn’t it all make more sense than “Big Foot”? They discovered two new species of WHALES in the past 10 years people!! In case anyone didn’t know: WHALES ARE THE BIGGEST FISH IN THE SEA…. So it makes sense other creatures are still left to be discovered.

    • Richard

      whales are not fish. but, that being said, unless the story is entirely fabricated, it made a believer out of me

  5. bestever

    are you really gonna belive they didnt find them cuz you read this? stop and think for your selfs forget about every one eles ideas and create your own! your just as right as any one. and if they really found mermaids dont you think the govermet would force them to make posts like this one so iggnorint fools would just blindly accepet the “facts” they force you too belive

  6. martin wachiuri

    this documentary is very interesting to the open minded “earthians”. for those who watch it looking for lies, maybe thats all you will see but, how do explain the stone painting/writting in egypt depicting human like sea inhabitants thousands of years ago, did the writters conspire then to mislead our race to date? what happened to the beachings frequency. in time will get to understand and accept whether we are the only tools making folks around.

    • I disagree with the particular way they depict the origin of Mermaids. The book The Sirius Mystery by Robert KG Temple makes a pretty watertight (pun totally intended) case for Extraterrestrial origin of Merpeople. However the appearance is pretty much solid.
      And if you REALLY want some mind-bending stuff, go research the Dogon mythology of Nommo, the Sumerian Ea/Enki mythos, the Phoenician tales of Atargatis or Dea Syria, the medieval Irish legend of Saint Murgen of the Well, the Chinese tales of Fu Xi and Nu Gua (the ancient ancestors), the Hindu and Thai Nagas & Naginis (half snake, half human river dwellers), and the medieval French legend of Melusine (it’s basically identical to the film Splash only without the happy ending, plus many modern royals in Europe seek to claim descent from her). Siriusly. You will NOT be sorry, unless you are a mermaid hater, in which case i pity you already!!!!

  7. mermaids are real i belive and so can you just watch the show and you will be convinced that their real so those non belivers watch belive it’s really awsome and amazing so GET SOME

  8. Ed

    The video from the boy’s camera phone does not appear to be real. If you notice when they are running away you can see the boy’s feet the whole time. This implies the phone was pointed down the entire time. If you are running and holding a video camera in your hand the image would be bouncing all over the place and not just focused on on fixed spot on the ground.

  9. Galsan

    It’s not about whether or not Discovery is “lying”, or about a conspiracy theory that the government trying to hide all the cool stuff from its people. They tell you straight up in their news release that they’re talking about theories.

    On top of that, you can’t forget that the main purpose of any commercial channel is to entertain. The more entertaining their programming is, the more viewers they get, the more commercials people want to put on their channel, the more money they make. It’s a business.

    The show is a mockumentary. A large amount of theory mixed in with a few historical events. The people speaking are actors and their footage is staged. Whether mermaids are real are not is up to the individual to decide. However you can’t use any thing you saw on this program as proof. It’s not proof; it’s theory.

  10. jess

    mermaids are real nuff said

  11. happy

    What I have to say is this world is weird things likes this might be there and we don’t know.We are human and are alive and why do we know the creaters mermaid and all animals I bet there are things there

  12. Kate

    The videos didn’t look real at all. The first time I saw the one with the boys all the way through I knew it was fake but all the fact that they gave made sense. How can you rule out all possibilities when you don’t know the whole situation? This is just like aliens and the lock ness monster. How can you say they don’t exist? Have you explored the seemingly endless depths and caves of the lock ness? Have you been to every planet in the galaxy? It’s like saying “oh there is no way an ant could be in this clump of dirt I still haven’t looked through yet”.

  13. Courtney

    I just watched these last night and i completely believe that these creatures are real. i call them creatures because thats what they are. These species are evolved from OUR ancestors. Theyre in Our oceans. im not just saying this from the movie, but think of all the different accounts. You thing that a machine could have been built the time that that submarine was? No. I agree with Kate, theres no way you can refuse this evedence, and who ever does is just lazy.

  14. taino21

    My question is, if this is a fake, why did the U.S. and Australian govt.’s confiscated all the documents and samples that the scientists had, if is true what they are saying, and if is not true, why the govt.’s of U.S. and Australia have not come out and say they did not confiscated the evidence that these scientists say it was confiscated?

  15. john

    In my culture, we have had stories of mermaids. on my island we believe in things that others would call myths and fairy tales. i have heard accounts from people that have encountered small people, dwarfs as you may call them. another from a person that had something grab hold of his leg as he was climbing out of a grotto. he said it felt like fingers. others have said they’ve seen ghosts. there is a saying that “if you believe then you see”. im guessing that people without a culture are not able to believe so they do not see.

  16. yoga

    All creature come from water in the beginning. some decided to stay on the water n some explored the land. The process of evolution, dog vs seal, alligator fish vs alligator/crocodile, tortoise vs turtle, ape/human vs………..?????????????

  17. Seriously people, this mobile phone “recording” was so heavily CGI’d it almost hurt. Besides, if all materials of the scientists were confiscated, where did they get the footage from the autopsy and following examination from?
    How can people be so dumb.

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