Wow! A real life mermaid! Sort of

Discovery Channel may have failed to find a real mermaid, but here’s one – or at least someone who describes herself as the world’s first freelance professional mermaid.

Hannah Fraser has been fascinated by the mermaid myth since she was a tiny child and created her first tail when she was only nine years old, according to her website.

Working as an artist and model for many years, she now devotes her time to creating handmade mermaid tails and travelling the world performing as a mermaid for film, television, advertising, events and environmental activism.

She and ex-husband Dave Ratovich organised the 2007 Taiji ‘paddle out’ in the bay of Japan where thousands of dolphins are slain annually.

She has swum with whales, dolphins, sharks, stingrays, sea lions, turtles and many other creatures in the open ocean and through her work tries to inspire and educate people about the importance of marine life.

“The ocean is the birthplace of life on Earth, and if I can be a visual link to inspire other humans who have become disconnected from this amazing world, I feel I have done something worthwhile,” she says.

You can read a recent interview with Hannah here.

One comment

  1. “Freelance professional mermaid”… pretty good story and she’s probably the only pro mermaid out there 🙂
    I like new approaches to teaching people about the ocean, she seems to have found an amazing way to tap into people’s curiosity about the ocean which is always a good method when you’re teaching them how to save it!

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