My name is Natalie Waddell, Nat for short. I’m a journalist (of sorts), a writer (I like to think). These posts are a mix of things I find interesting – many of them based on conversations with the old woman who lives nextdoor to me. Her house is like a museum. I think she must have been an antiques dealer at some stage or is simply so antique herself that the things about her have acquired such status as she’s aged. Not all of what she says makes sense. A lot of the things she talks about happened way before her time, although I must admit I sometimes wonder.

In the process of putting together these articles I often draw on other people’s writing and images. I always try to link back appropriately and give credit in order to promote such work but if I’ve reposted something of yours and you’re not happy about it for some reason then please let me know and I’ll take it down. You can find me on Twitter.

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